Come on, y'all

Okay, fine, I'm no Tami Taylor but can you blame a girl for trying?

Now listen close friends, because this is serious. SERIOUS, I tell you!

About the time summer peeked around the corner and began wooing us with sunny skies and growing tomato plants (such a tease), The Robertsons began watching a little thing called FNL.

I had heard good things. I added it nonchalantly to the Netflix queue thinking it would be a fun thing to watch on a night I was flying solo. BUT THEN Adam watched the pilot with me. And would you believe he agreed to watch another? And another? And suddenly we were so knee-deep into Dillon, TX drama that we were just a few pairs of boots away from Texas Forever!

BUT NOW it is over. Gone! Done! Off the air! No more Landry! No more Lila! NO MORE TAYLORS! (well, I mourn them all but Julie. OBVIOUSLY.)

So, I turn to you dear, sweet friends.

I know you may be thinking, "Sara. You did this last year with LOST. You did this last May when Michael Scott left. Get a grip!"

To which I would reply, "YOU GUYS, all my current faves have not come out with their newest seasons on Instant Watcher (here's looking at you, you and you) and things are getting desperate around here!"

And also, "Since when is it a crime to wear your heart on your sleeve?!"


...See what you made me do?

The point is, I need you. You came through so much for me when on the lookout for new books. Won't you pretty please tell me what you are watching and loving? (Bonus points if it is on Instant Watcher.)

Oh, and don't worry, I am eating old office chocolate cake so I'll be much more positive as soon as my frosting-induced cavities kick in.

Have a great weekend! Or as my mysterious-sometimes-idiotic-yet-strangely-intriguing friend Tim would say, "Cheers."

(He doesn't exclaim things otherwise you know I would add about five !!!!!)

((why yes, I do have a life...why do you ask?))


kim! said...

I haven't done up any fnl yet but I'm sure it would be a big deal. I don't think any of my favorite stuff is on instant watch either! I probably have bad taste anyway, and I unfortunately like shows like project runway and jeopardy and chopped. but I do really love all those. and I'm assuming you've done arrested development? if you haven't you can borrow it from me!

luke said...

community. it is so hilarious. not on instant but worth waiting for the discs for sure!

Kelley said...

rookie blues. at first wade and i thought we would hate it but now we are addicting and watch it every thursday night. wipe out is always a good one too :) i dont know what instant watch is...does that make me old? please tell me no.

Kelley said...

obviously i cant type. i meant addicted.

rachel rianne said...

FNL. omigosh, fnl. just saying friday night lights brings gushes of emotions from my heart to my throat to my eyes, and if i think about it too much, i'll get weepy. BEST. SHOW. EVER.

okay, moving on. if you have netflix, i would totally suggest watching damages. if you're up for a psychological thriller that happens to do with lawyers and happens to have amazing actors (glenn close, rose byrne, etc.), then you will not be disappointed. you won't be able to stop watching. but forewarning -- there are only 2 seasons (26 episodes) on netflix instant. pace yourself. :)

csiva said...

I just discovered Scrubs and That 70s Show are on instant play. Lately James and I have been enjoying an oldie from the 90s - 3rd Rock from the Sun. It doesn't quite compare to The Office or Parks and Rec or 30 Rock, but I still like it. Oh, and now, James has me hooked on one that's not on instant play - Carnivale. It's crazy and disturbing and after 12 episodes I still am not sure I know what it's about, but that makes is oh so addictive!

Cassidy said...

I would suggest Fringe. I am totally hooked and am saving the last couple of episodes slow the process down.

Katie said...

I'm pretty sure I told you this before, but if you haven't watched The West Wing, do it! I don't know if it's on instant watch because we got all the seasons from the library but I will be so disappointed if you do not get hooked! I mean c'mon it even has Rob Lowe!

Sara said...

WOW! You guys are the best EVER! Thank you all so much!
Kim--we HAVE done Arrested Development...such a good one! And no shame in your show choices--if Wheel of Fortune was on Instant then I would definitely catch a few! ha!

Luke--We will do it!

Kelley--I am so intrigued! I have never seen either of those! And no, you're not old. I just make up my own words. "Instant Watcher" in Sara speak really just means that it is available to watch in Netflix instantly. Sorry for the confusion! :)

Rachel--ADDED IT! OMG! It is CRAZY! Also, I kept saying "that main girl looks familiar..." and Adam discovered that is b/c we just saw her in Bridesmaids! ha!

CHRISSY! How are you?! I didn't know Scrubs was on Instant! I remember 3rd Rock back in the day. I keep hearing blips now and then about Carnivale...I think we can get it in disc form!

Cass--Never heard of it! I am so out of the loop. I will check it out!

Katie--we have not seen the West Wing! Isn't Rob Lowe on Parks and Rec these days? As long as Charlie Sheen is nowhere to be found, I am sold. ;)

Austin & Terri said...

Two of my favorites right now:

The Mentalist (FANTASTIC! sort of like House, but even better)
How I Met Your Mother (Hilarious!)

No idea if either of those are on "Instant" or not, I doubt it, BUT they are worth watching.

Sara said...

Oooh! Thanks Terri! I have heard good things about How I met your mother and The Mentalist sounds right up our alley! I'll check them out!