Tick, tock.

It's back to school time at the Robertsons and if you hear a faint "Nooooooooooooooooooooo!" howling from your speakers, I apologize. I'm not exactly welcoming the season with open arms. (Exhibit A: the return of my persnickety eye twitch. Drat!)

I used to look forward to the fall because a) I'm a nerd and love school and b) the beginning of a school year always seemed like a good time to start fresh--new shoes, organized supplies, lists upon lists of goals, etc. for the year.

(Note to any snarky comments coming from my little brother: YES, we have already established that I am a nerd so NO NEED TO REMIND ME.)


The trouble is, when my Type A First-Born Child starts showing, I get caught in the all-too-familiar web of a) craving order b) making too many goals and c) wondering if I'm "doing it wrong".

Because I want to do it all! And brilliantly! And, well, there just isn't enough time in the day. So I zig-zag all over the place and end up tired, cranky and curled up in the fetal position with a bowl of Puppy Chow and a spoon, (OH LIKE YOU ARE PERFECT!) wanting to do nothing for no one and swinging my pendulum back the other way.

But then I get bored and a bit panicky and all too comfortable and then even more panicky because I'm comfortable and all the while think opportunity is passing me by.

And I don't really know how to find that right balance.

And I kind of want to run seven steps forward--or maybe two steps to the left?--or maybe just throw up my hands and just go, already.

Really, I'm just saying a really long-winded "Ditto" to this guy.

...and now also craving puppy chow. Shoot.


Austin & Terri said...

I LOVE puppy chow!!! I think I might make some.

Sarah said...

gosh dang it sara...you reminded me AGAIN of one of my favoritest snakcks (second only to pretzels with cheese...drool) and it is not possible for me to make it here! NO chex mix or any cheap knock off variety at all! AT ALL!

you should just bring me some you know and then that might be a good out of your comfort zone stage for a while?? plus id just love to see you...even more than i'd love to eat puppy chow. *sigh*

Kelley said...

puppy chow with a SPOON...GENIUS! seriously how come i never thought of that!?!? would make all my puppy chow eating frenzies so much easier. YOU ARE BRILLIANT!

Kelley said...

also, i must note that everyone who replied to this post only remarked on the puppy chow no comments to the nerdy statements. so that must say one of two things. either you are not a nerd or we all are nerd with you :)

kimberly said...

okay, I am a nerd too. AND, my eye is twitching WHAT THE HECK!!!!! I hate eye twitches. die eye twitches!! and I love you and your type A.

Sara said...

ha! Thanks for loving my snack of choice everyone! :)

Sarah--oh how I wish I could friend! That would be so fun. Skype instead?

Kelley--oh girl. Yes. With a spoon. All the way. No shame!

Kim--Ugh! Aren't they the worst?! Thank you for supporting my list making obsessions. :) You are pretty good at them yourself!

lauren said...

Oh my gosh...can we be neurosis twins? I understand everything you just said!

Triple & quadruple & quintuple ditto the puppy chow love affair.

Sara said...

Ha! Lauren! Neurosis twins=YES! :) I am so glad we get each other.