• A wooden pew, I'm so sorry for your loss, a bewildering, unexpected reunion of old faces. Again.
  • A dead car, Hold on, I'm coming, a husband driving many, many miles to rescue his very, very stressed out wife, a mom who says, Here, take my car, a dad who says, Hey, everything alright?
  • A million, zillion post its flying out of my pores. The eye twitch. A to-do list written and lost within minutes. Being told I can literally see the stress on your face.
  • A messy kitchen. A messy home. A messy life. A bag of candy corn half eaten on the ride home from the store. 
  • Soaking up the sun. Breathing in the cool air. A walk, a needed phone call, kind words, deep breaths.
  • Peeking out the window shade, snuggled under the blanket, sipping coffee, watching the sun rise. A new day always dawns.


Austin & Terri said...

Thinking of you friend. Can't wait for our coffee date :)

Rebecca said...

Gotta love stress! I had the eye twitch for five days last week. I was afraid it was around for good. But indeed, a new day has dawned.

Sara said...

Terri--me EITHER!

Becca--leg cramps AND the twitch?! Oh girl! I am sorry!