Things I need to work on:

  • Contentment.
  • Not eating cookies for dinner. Twice.
  • Not training for a 5K. Again. (Which, incidentally, is tomorrow. EEK!)
  • Not putting off hard things.
  • Being present in the moment. 
  • Not posting stupid blogs.

    ...I won't tell you what I'm about to eat for dinner (hint: see #2) while pretending #3 is not true (which of course means I am doing #4). ...I think I just did #6 again.

    Happy weekending!

    p.s. This blew my mind. (via.)


    kim! said...

    you are awesome. I can identify with you. I am muy injured, I have eaten cookies for breakfast more than twice this week, and my last blog was about hot dogs. we are kindred spirits. also, I first typed that I had eated cookies for breakfast. I am glad for a weekend.

    Sarah said...

    ummmm. favorite thing i've read today. and that's saying something. and that is a crazy illusion. and i've been watching too much office because all of this has a certain office-esque accent. in my head. with lots of pausing.

    OH MY GOSH. and michael just drove into a lake. hahahahahahaha

    lauren said...

    I miss you, lady. And I can relate to every single one of those things you listed. Good luck on the 5K and let's catch up SOON!!!

    Sara said...

    Kim--you always know just what to say so that I don't feel totally crazy. Thank you friend. We ARE kindred spirits. SPEAKING OF WHICH do you love Anne of Green Gables? I LOVE ANNE OF GREEN GABLES!

    Sarah--ohhhh youuuu. Ha! I love that we both still love The Office. AND I totally just watched that episode!!!! I really hated it that one when it first aired buuuut now I think it's hilarious.

    Lauren--I miss YOU! Please!!! Let's!!!! :)