For lunch today, all my plans went out the window.

I had frosted cherry vending machine PopTarts (sorry Mom) and sat entranced in my cubicle as I devoured 59 pages of this book.

Yeah. THAT good.

And I would read 59 more straight through if I could.


Shoutout Tylie for the FABULOUS recommendation!

p.s. I nabbed* it last night at the library and had a near anxiety attack as I searched and searched for the correct call number, totally overwhelmed by the many shelves that surrounded me (it is not my usual library branch). Just when I found the correct section and was really scanning, a girl pops in and starts standing right next to me! Scanning the same shelves! What are the odds?! Panicking, I started scanning faster but was too distracted by her and her quick movements(What if she grabs it? I can't believe this is happening!). She even pulled one off the shelf! LUCKILY it was not this book and I did find it quickly after and grabbed that sucker as fast as I could...just for her to look over and say so sweetly, "Oh! That is my favorite book! You are going to love it!" And in case you are reading this, Frantic Girl From the Stacks, I DO!

p.s.s. Who says nabbed?!


Kelley said...

tell me all about it i love cooking type books! and you should join our book club starting friday.
and my word verification is pectin...fitting for a cooking convo ;)

Austin & Terri said...

You really make me want to read that book! It's on my list now!

The Mahoney's said...

Oh yay!!! I am SO glad you liked it :)

Kelley said...

Join our bookclub :) http://confessionsofahopelessbookworm.blogspot.com/
I know you want to.
Also, you should check out the site www.moneysavingmom.com if you haven't already. Lots of great coupon deals and you can check deals at stores in your area(like hy-vee). her site is great because it does the work for you and walks you through how to get the best deal.

Sara said...

Kelley--read it! You will love it! She is really entertaining and a really easy, fun read...and each chapter ends in a recipe! She also blogs at orangette.com if you want a feel for her writing style. AND if I can get my hands on your book club book in time for the first "check in" post I will so do it! Thank you!

Terri--DO IT! You will like her. She's funny.

Tylie--Thank you so so much! Do you read her blog? I'm following her now. I'm working up the courage to tackle one of her recipes. Have you tried any?