I like you but...

If you're anything like me, yesterday was a total drag as you muddled your way through a work day that felt never ending (times a billion since we were OUT OF COFFEE! OH THE AGONY!). You wanted to crawl back to last week and stay there forever--a land full of lattes! and date nights! and reading Tina Fey's book in less than 24 hours just because you could!!!

But you made it to today and things are better (read: two cups of coffee and four chocolates. WHAT?!).

It's glorious to take a break from "real life" and recharge and give yourself permission to do nothing in all sorts of ways. It's a treat to get enough sleep and not have pinched shoulders or even an eye twitch.

It's awesome to see all sorts of your favorite people and all be in the same physical space for more than five minutes. And to just laugh the crazy Liz Lemon laugh when you do things such as drop the peanut butter jar on the floor.

It's a huge blessing to spend time with your also-not-stressed husband. It's like, DUDE, we are SO MUCH MORE FUN RIGHT NOW! And look! We stayed up past midnight two days in a ROW! WE ARE AWESOME!

But then that time is gone and back to the reality of long days, never-ending lists and "crap we forgot LUNCHMEAT" as we drive away from the store and back home to put away Christmas decorations.

It's like, hey, yeah, I have a lot to be thankful for and I know I'll get adjusted and probably won't keep my resolutions and everything will be fine but for now I just can't help but think:

Um, 2012? I like you but you're crazy.


Sarah said...

HA! love this.

Austin & Terri said...

We have yet to put away our Christmas decorations...hopefully happening tonight!

Sara said...

We are still sweeping up pine needles! I found some in our coffee filter somehow. How does that happen!?