Do other people have as many awkward social interactions as me?


Are other people as aware of their awkwardness during the aforementioned awkward interaction as me? 


Does this line of thinking make me an extreme narcissist?

Even Further:

Does the fact that I am asking such a question on my own personal blog make me like, sooooo postmodern?

p.s. Not to be super pushy but if you are looking for a delicious treat and/or a breakfast recipe, make these. I have made the "bites" both times. The first time I did exactly as I was told. The second time I got super daring and REPLACED the chocolate chips with 1/2 c dried cranberries and 1/2 c almonds. THEY ARE SO GOOD! I eat them with yogurt in the morning. (My dad just gagged at my recipe suggestion. AGAIN.)
Note: I had the best luck with these when a) using my hands to mix (so I could tell when the granola was moist) and b) by using my cupcake pan WITH NO LINERS. Otherwise it is messy. And that is just no fun.

p.s.s. Raise your hand if you did indeed find my p.s. to be "super pushy." Sometimes writing off the cuff can be hilarious.


Katie said...

First, I will have to try these granola bites! I tried the ones you have pinned on Pinterest this weekend and they turned out a little dry.

Second, I have to say that it is p.p.s. not p.s.s. I will admit that you are usually the grammar queen (in addition the the crockpot queen!), but in this instance the correct usage is p.p.s. for post post script. This has been bugging me for years, so I thought I would fill you in on my pet-peeve! haha Love you friend!

kimberly said...

answer: um, YES. did you see that I also wrote about this last night? I will also say that working with teenagers all day makes you feel a little less awkward since you see all of their WAY MORE AWKWARD interactions.
also: did you use silicon baking cups? I used to have some, but, and I should not admit this, I put them in the dishwasher and they came out all full of water and crumbs and a huge mess and it was so annoying that I THREW THEM AWAY. right then and there. they made me angry. I don't know if this was the apppropriate response.

The Mahoney's said...

Glad to be reading your blogs again...hehe :) and yes I have plenty of awkward moments but I have the luxury of blaming them on my kids. Ya that is totally the kind of mom I am. Ha!

Sara said...

Katie--you should! I mix with my hands and keep adding until the granola is a bit clumpy. Do it!!! ALSO, sorry to keep you up at night with my postscripts FRIEND but I am not sorry! ha! Pretty sure it's not grammatically correct to even HAVE more than one postscript...but I will try to remember that. :)
Kim--haha! That is true actually. Oh MAN I am so not jealous of middle schoolers. What a hard time! Ummm no to the silicon. i don't have anything that fancy. BUT I will say the first time I used cupcake holders and it was messy. Second time (and from now on) spraying the cupcake pan and going for it. Also, TOTALLY appropriate. I've thrown away many-a dish much to the chagrin of Adam. ha!
Tylia--Let's just say I found some extra motivation last weekend via some great company! :) So fun to see you!!!