A true story about both the Chicago World Fair AND a Chicago serial killer (weird combo but it was really fascinating—and I usually dislike nonfiction!—and only sometimes terrifying); a hilarious memoir (rumor has it that if you get the audio book she reads it herself!); an interesting collection of ideas regarding Christianity; and now, a novel that, though I’m halfway through, I still can’t decide if I like (Catcher in the Rye-esque).

Also, really liking these two blogs –especially posts like this (about journalism), this (about living an exceptional life) , this (about relationships in a digital age) and this (about reputation vs character).

Also, consuming a ridiculous amount of news articles to be discussed with my husband which usually ends in us both being really stressed out. But also feeling informed (ish) so…win? (I personally have discovered this website to be a really fascinating take on the difficult—impossible?—fight to write without bias, especially, in my opinion, when it comes to politics.)

America in Primetime (if you only watch one, watch “The Misfit.” Trust me.)

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could bottle motivation and sip on it all year?

...and youuu?


kim! said...

devil in the white city is next on my list! funny. and politics? without bias? this interests me a lot. jami and I were just talking the other day that the only good thing about election year is that snl gets funnier and the summer olympics happen.

Sara said...

Kim, we are so on the same reading wavelength!!! How are you liking A Million Miles?! Also, I think they are still biased. But they post mail they get that call them out on such bias and respond to it, which I think is cool. And at least they get criticized from both sides so that says something to me at least. SNL DOES get funnier. Speaking of which, have you read Bossypants?! If not, you should!