Some things:

  • I am flying solo for dinner again tonight which directly translates into ICE CREAM OUT OF THE CARTOOOOOON! And then again when Adam gets some so he WON'T SUSPECT A THING. Except that I just told him.
  • A nerdy thing I have been utilizing lately to make life easier: Dropbox. Store files "in the cloud" for FREE and access them anywhere...and also have a backup of Very Important Files. You can also share files and/or encrypt them. SO MUCH NERDINESS IN ONE SENTENCE! 
  • I am married to the Energizer Bunny. I seriously do not know how he does it. Well, coffee is a large part of that answer. But still.
  • I think mid-week holidays totally ruin my motivation. Which really just means I need to celebrate more, you know, so I get in the habit.
  • We randomly have a lot of coconut milk at home. Ideas?!


rachel rianne said...

but dropbox is awesome. nerdy? sure. but aren't we all at this point?

here's nerdy: my boyfriend and i have a shared dropbox and we sometimes send each other things through it while sitting together on our computers. (around here, it's the norm).

cari said...

Coconut milk:

1. Smoothies
2. Green Curry
3. Pina Coladas

Sara said...

Rachel-HA! That is awesome. And I would like to submit that YES WE ARE all nerdy. My middle school self just cheered. ;)

Cari--FABULOUS! I really, really like idea #3. I would really, REALLY like to have game night with the Eddys soon.