If Oprah can do it, so can I

Welcome, everyone to the first edition of Sara's Favorite Thi-iiiiiiiiiiings!
(said in a deep, bellowing voice as the crowd goes wild)

While I may not be able to provide each of you with the following treasures I have discovered as of late, you can rest assured that I stand by my endorsements and will be happy to provide you with additional gushing recommendations at your request.

***Note: The items listed here are not necessarily new to the rest of the world. My only qualification was that said items had recently made quite the favorable impression on yours truly. (which--let's be honest--really isn't that hard to do)***

Without further ado and in no particular order, I give you:

Sara's Favorite Things

  1. Household product: Tide To Go
    I cannot say enough good things about this brilliant device. It's small, it's light, it's cheap, yet it is oh-so-powerful. For anyone out there whose clothes double as a walking billboard for all you have attempted to consume in a given day, get ready to meet your new best friend.
  2. Drink: Coke Vanilla Zero
    Cast aside all previous judgments of Coke Zero. For even if (like me) you think regular Coke Zero is nothing more than carbonated crap, you have to try the refreshingly crisp taste of Coke Vanilla Zero. If it doesn't make you want to sing in perfect harmony on a hilltop, I don't know what will.
  3. Game: True Colors
    I did not discover Milton Bradley's 1990 self-described "social game" until this winter, but let me be the first to say that I thoroughly enjoy it! If you're looking for a way to learn how you are really perceived in your circle of friends, check it out. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised (unless you are super-competitive or an ultra-gamer, in which case you will probably be bored out of your mind).
    --Sidenote: In case you are wondering, I was unanimously voted The One Who Has the Hardest Time Saying No (not a shock) and also received several votes for The One Who I Would Clash With Most Regarding Political/Religious Views (which surprised me quite a bit actually). Interesting.
  4. Gift: Photos on canvas via http://www.updone.com/
    Updone.com is a one-stop shop for those of us that want to be creative, thrifty...and maybe aren't so tech savvy. Upload your photos, choose your size, print them on canvas and have them sent directly to you on one website.
    Love. It.
  5. Author: Wendell Berry
    Hailed by the oh-so-reliable Wikipedia as "an American man of letters, academic, cultural and economic critic, and farmer," Wendell Berry uses his eclectic background to criticize several issues regarding Americans and our relationship to the environment, each other and even God. He doesn't sugar-coat it, he calls for many changes, but throughout it all, he weaves a message of hope. Definitely worth a look.
  6. Bonus: GPS
    Okay, I actually don't own one. And I am well aware of the dangers that exist with relying too much on such a product. But believe me when I say that I have no doubt that this little sucker would be a lifesaver. Because some of us are born with natural direction, and some of us get lost on our way to the mall. (Hey, it can happen to anyone...right?)
  7. Runners-up: Tostitos Flour Tortilla Chips, Bermuda shorts, headbands, Culver's custard and Flannery O'Connor's short stories*
    In an effort to conserve space, I limited myself. However, if any of these would come up in conversation, don't be surprised if my face lights up and the words, "That's my favorite!" fall from my lips.
...Did I mention I'm easily amused?

*edit: And Blistex fruit smoothie lip balm. Thanks friend.


lauren h. said...

sara: at least three pairs of my pants have food/drink stains. you have just inspired me to invest in tide-to-go.

kimberly said...

you stole my idea for a post. I will be a mimic soon.

and tide-to-go? Um, a lot of students think I am "like the coolest teacher" because when they are idiots and draw all over their clothes on accident I can help them.

although, two years ago I had this crazy student from Thailand. His name was Thee. He was HILARIOUS. I could have a whole separate blog devoted entirely to stories about Thee. He was a VERY IN dresser. His clothes were very hip. One day he was wearing this ridiculous white track suit and got pen on it. So I pulled out my tide pen and he was SO excited. He pushed it against his jacket and IMMEDIATELY said "Hey! It's too slow! It's not like in the commercial!!"

um, it was really funny at the time.

kimberly said...

OH. AND, when I saw the title to your post I thought you were going to be referring to the fact that Oprah ran a marathon and suddenly you wanted to too. my hopes were up.

Steph Moore said...

no smoothie chapstick? perhaps that is old news. all i know is that i can't seem to go through a checkout line without getting a mint three musketeers...i freaking love those things. mint, dark chocolate, AND only 150 calories!

p.s. this word verification i am doing right now post this...is a doozy.

luke said...

love flannery o'connor. we'll have to talk about it in real life sometime--if that's not too taboo.

Rebecca said...

I've never tried Tostitos' flour chips -- consider it on my to-do list already. But I can shout an amen to bermuda shorts.