Are we really having this conversation?

Him: Hey, uh, I need to sign up for a computer.
Me: Sure!
Him: Yeah, I, uh, missed my court date...
Me: Oh...?
Him: And I guess the only way to get approved is if I have a signed letter from a doctor.
Me: Hmmm. Yeah that makes sense.
Him: So hey, can you help me write that?
Me: What?
Him: That letter. From the doctor. So, you know, I'll be off the hook. (big grin)
Me: Ummm, no I cannot forge a doctor's letter for you. That is illegal.
Him: Yeah...well, can you at least help me make it look official? Like with a logo and all that?
Me: ...!??!?!?!...I'm afraid you're on your own. Because that, too, is illegal.
Him: Awww...man...okay. Alright. I get it.
Me: (Do you???)

Weekend me, please.


Rebecca said...

HAHAHA. Ahh, some people.

jessieg said...

LOL! So fun reading your blog. Breanna directed me here.

Sara said...

Becca! SO sad I missed you this weekend. :( Hopefully I'll see you in April???

And Jessica, YAY! It was so fun hanging out with you guys...even if it was short lived! I'll now be following YOU too! :)