Reason to use your hairbrush as a microphone...as if you need one.

You know how some days are just plain crappy?

That would be yesterday, thanks to $600 worth of charges to my account (thanks a freaking lot, you Floridian identity thief, you!), running all over the place and hitting massive road blocks every.which.way.

(Okay, massive is debatable, but when your manager asks "Um, how's your heart rate right now?" after you breathlessly spill your life story, you know you need a break.)

Luckily, I'm marrying someone who speaks my love language and thus naturally decided the night must consist of to-die-for burgers, a mass quantity of ice cream and snuggly sweatpants. Perfect.

And now it's a new debit-card kind of day (Commerce, I love you), one step closer to being done with a little thing called INVITATIONS (!!!) and this spunky little number running through my head:

Not too shabby.

p.s. This video is completely ridiculous, so maybe just have a listen...

p.p.s. I know it's a cheesy song but HEY SOMETIMES A GIRL JUST NEEDS TO LET LOOSE OKAY?! Ahem. Carry on.


kimberly said...

I kind of think the video is the BEST. PART. is that bad?

date soon?

Kelsie said...

haha I think your husband-to-be speaks my love language too.
sounds like a wonderful evening.

I am loooving joss stone lately! man, do we Topekans have great taste in music or what?!

Sara said...

Kim--yes please!!! And, you are hilarious.

Kelsie--We do what we can to represent. hahaha. Miss you!