Where I've been and where I'm going:

Excuse me. First, let me peel off a few Post-Its from my eyelids.

Because that's pretty much what I do all day. Write Post-Its. Lose Post-Its. Write Post-Its of Post-Its.

And sometimes, (OH THE HORROR!) leave said collection of Post-Its in the car and totally.lose.my.MIND!

(Deep breath)

So, here we are. Two months from the Big Day, my friends, and how am I doing, you ask?

I can pretty much sum it up in three words: massive.caffeine.consumption.

(OKAY FINE--and chocolate, too. But dark chocolate. Because I am all about antioxidants...)

And, friends, I really wish I could give you something deep today. Or gritty. Or touching. Or rather clever.

But, you see, I am in total list-making mode and thus, I merely offer a few blips of updates. That most likely makes no difference to anyone but HEY, WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SOCIAL MEDIA! Where we all share way too much and never hang out in person! WHOOOOO!

(Speaking of social media, how does everyone feel about Google Buzz? Yes? No? Maybe?)

Anyway, lately:
  • Tried on The Dress for The Day and it still zips, ladies and gentleman! (Can I get an HALLELUJAH?!?!)
  • Bought tickets to go here after we become The Robertsons...(!!!)
  • ...not to be confused with the ROBINSONS...because, people, we have now watched this (thanks to this) and while I do find the theme song to be a catchy little number, it is so.not.applicable.NOW OR EVER, THANK YOU!
  • Frequently visiting here because I'm totally engrossed in this book...and yes, I know that me visiting without buying is not supporting my heartfelt cause that book books are way better than e-books anyday. (controversial? Try to sell me on Kindles, etc. I dare you!) --but also, um, I work at a library (and am getting hitched) and thus, I do not have the cash to throw around to buy a book book that I will only read once. Please forgive me.
  • TOTALLY disappointed in this these days--but still marking my calendar for March 4 anyway (duh). And while I'm not-so-secretly hoping this season is Dunder Mifflin's last...I am hearing great things about this show, so maybe it'll be a suitable replacement?
  • And all in all, just trying to soak up this chapter, while looking forward to starting a new one. And wondering how I could be living a better story--and further, what is stopping me?


rachel said...

you're way cute.
ps, am i invited to your big day?
i'm not really that subtle, but i don't remember if we talked about it last time we ran into each other. no hard feelings if you have to publicly tell me to just stay home. seriously. tell me straight out. i don't mind. :)

and pps,
forget modern family. COMMUNITY. i've been known to say that it might be better than 30 rock. (gasp)

Rebecca said...

I've also been watching Community. I'm not, on the other hand, ready to put it ahead of 30 Rock. This weekend I will be watching my first episodes of Modern Family. I have heard nothing but good (and hilarious) things.

PS - Mark it. Feb 19 (possibly 18)-21. I'll be in the big city.

nettierox said...

OKAY tell me EVERYTHING about applying for the big license--i haven't done it yet. can you download a form from the internet? please tell me yes because i REALLY don't have time to GO 3 IMES TO THE FLIPPIN COUNTY CLERK just to get a license. really. seriously? i'm stressed. stop doing stuff before me! :)

Sara said...

Rachel--we'll talk soon! :)


Lynette--I think we both know now that I was fooled. But as of Friday, I will let you know how it goes. :)