Excuse me, my shallowness is about to show but...

Gap has a new logo?!

And uhhh...it looks like this?


Um, I know I'm not the best with change and I know that the world does tend to be a tad dramatic about these things but...let's just say this isn't exactly going over so well.

Personally, I could get over the font...but the blue square?! Ehh?

Think you could do better? Take a look at some of these ideas and design away!

Meanwhile, I'll try to get over it.


*edit: Guess they took the design contest down. Bummer.

*edit #2: Now Gap is accepting design ideas as well! ...Okay I'm done. Promise.

*edit #3: I know I lied about being done...but I have to share this with you all. You're welcome.


Kelsie said...

I really hate when companies change their logo!!

And that blue box?! No. Way. Too random.

Sara said...

Thank you Kelsie. I knew you would get it! ...somehow Adam did not.

I believe his response was "THIS is the news of your day?!"

(Sigh.) ...:)