Footloose and Facebook free.

I did the unthinkable everyone.

It is with a heavy heart and twitchy hands that I report to you that I have made my last status update for a month--a whole month! And one with 31 days nonetheless!--and will be living life sans Facebook for the whole month of October.


I am taking lots of deep breaths today and repeating positive sentiments (I can do this. I am strong. I have Pinterest. There is always Google Plus...JK ADAM! I know you are reading this with delight at my misery and would totally--rightfully--accuse me of cheating should I pull the Google Plus card. LOVE YOU!)

Why put myself through such torture?

1. I was complaining to my sans-Facebook husband about Facebook's shady new updates/marketing deals. I'm not sure if you've met my husband but he is not someone that takes your words lightly. If you make your case on why something is horrible--especially, in this case, something he already thinks is pretty terrible--then you better be ready to put your money where your mouth is. This is a trait I admire most times but also one that is LIKE TOTALLY RUINING MY LIFE (cue the teen angst eye roll...except I'm not a teenager anymore so now it's just poor manners).
2. He ran a 5K with me and this is our way of making each other better people. Slash making each other miserable in the name of love but hey, isn't that what love is for?
3. I have never, not once, been without Facebook since I activated my account during finals week 2004. It is time.
4. Not sure if you're aware of this but even with the weirdo new layout that is  (I mean, WAS) completely confusing to me, Facebook is a time-suck with little benefit. Except for knowing engagements before your husband so PLEASE for the love, will everyone agree to text me if anything big happens in the next 31 days?! I am serious.
5. (insert commentary on awkward social pressures, the pretense of real relationship and the ease of which one can stalk others and be stalked here.)

This is not a judgment on you if you love Facebook because OBVIOUSLY I am right there with you but this is me trying to puff up my pride and say hey, yeah, I can sooooo do this.

Also! To make this a bit more fun for me and just because, ya know, I could use a bit of a jump start around here and need to fill my need for online social interaction somehow (ha), I am also going to publish a blog each day in October. The idea is not themed content, nor is it polished writing, but just more of a "set an egg timer and write til it dings." We'll see how it goes.

Happy fall everyone! May your weekend be full of sunny walks, bonfires, pumpkin AND pecan pie and ice cream with your mom as is mine. OH, and also perhaps a hilarious night at the comedy club...not so much because of the performing acts, but more because your poor husband got picked on more than once from the stage since ya know, they seated us IN THE VERY FRONT AND CENTER TABLE. What are the odds?!


Sarah said...


Thought this was poignant and well timed...and i am THRILLED to be able to read a post of yours EVERY DAY.

love you

Sarah said...

aaaand in case you need an inspiration, here's a whole bunch of 31 dayers...


Kelley said...

ohhhhhh pecan pie. eat a HUGE slice for me. With LB's full blown nut allergy I cannot partake in the enjoyment of such pies. or even coconut. breaks my heart just a tiny bit to not have pecan pie in my mouth again.
oh and i gave up fb once, for lent. it wasn't too bad. you do realize how much time you waste on it and your whole life seems a bit freer. so you will enjoy being away :)

kk said...

Hey I wanted you to find out before Adam...I'm engaged.


Austin & Terri said...

You must tell me about this comedy night and what was said to Adam. I know there's a good story there! You ALWAYS have good stories! Seriously, write a book already. Please!

Sara said...

Sarah--thanks friend! I have seen some stuff about this project. I'll have to check it out! (Although my inspiration mainly came from this post by Seth Godin: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2011/09/talkers-block.html

Kelley--GIRL. It was so disappointing. I mean it tasted good but the texture was really weird. Drat! However I am so sorry about poor LB's allergy! Thanks for the fb encouragement...it hasn't actually been too bad, despite my dramatic entry. ha!

Knoth--WHAT?! O.M.G!!! ;) (WOOHOO!!!)

Terri--I so will. However I think he would be not so excited if I gave all the details on la blog so I will just have to see you in person and fill you in! :)