How Chipotle stole my heart (and not just because I freaking love their corn salsa)

So, Adam and I recently started a Netflix account--

(pause for indecipherable squeal of approval because O-M-G people IT.IS.AWESOME!!!)

--and our very first request was this documentary (which was accompanied in the mail by our second request, which somehow was a TV series about Robin Hood thankyouAdam-- but I digress).

At any rate, Food, Inc. was totally worth checking out and made us both step back and go whoaaaaaaa that is really happening?! And sure, it's political and yeah, it's got a bit of the "conspiracy vibe"...but for the most part, it just presented an in-depth look at the super-shady food industry and the many uncool things that are happening from factory farming to genetic engineering to cloning to (perceived lack of) consumer power, etc.

Read more about such issues it covers here.

(Note: I realize many of these topics are political in and of themselves, so while you may actually be okay with cloning in general, for example, it is still worth watching how cloning is impacting the food industry specifically.)

So, anyway, we finish the documentary and we're feeling guilty because it's late and we've yet to eat dinner but how in the world do you eat ANYTHING after seeing something like that?

In an effort to stall, we decide to peruse the special features and discover--much to our delight--that there is a featured Dateline interview segment with an organic farmer featured in Food, Inc and his partnership with every college student's bff, Chipotle!

And not only was this the greatest news ever for our growling stomachs and churning consciences (because we sure did eat Chipotle for dinner AND lunch the following day OH YES WE DID!)...but also, it was just a really encouraging way to walk away from such a heavy issue.

Because, while the documentary presented daunting facts and crying moms and weary farmers and horrible corporate greed (as per the documentary norm), Chipotle provided hope.

That you can be environmentally conscious. That you can demand naturally raised meat. That you can demand suppliers to eliminate hormones. That you can support local family farms.

And that you can do it all and BE SUCCESSFUL (business world, take note). And reasonably priced. And uhhh obviously delicious (I'm not getting ad revenue for this, I swear).

So, here's to you, Chipotle. Thank you for pouring time, money and effort into transforming your industry for the good of us all. I know I'll be seeing you soon.

-The Food, Inc. website

-Chipotle's Food With Integrity philosophy

-Chipotle's burrito calorie counter (because yeah, they're good and fresh...but those calories can still getcha! You are welcome, Steph.)

-The Dateline interview:


lauren said...

So cool!! Thanks for sharing that. I knocked Chipotle's partnership with McDonald's for a while...it's important to remember that business investment doesn't equal imitation. I'm going to be happy to eat Chipotle now!

kimberly said...

"which was accompanied in the mail by our second request, which somehow was a TV series about Robin Hood thankyouAdam"

Award for Reigning Best Blog Phrase 2010.

Sara said...

Lauren--I know! Me too!!! I thought it was a marketing scam...but that's why the interview explained so much. They are no longer tied to McDonalds!

Kim--hahaha. I would like to stay things are looking up but I was informed yesterday that next in our queue is Matlock...;)