I'm much too Type A for this...

So, hey everyone, GOOD NEWS!

is kind enough to include a WEEKLY email with all sorts of things you-didn't-know-you-had-to-do-but-YOU-SHOULD-HAVE-DONE-IT-YESTERDAYs and this includes every.single.thing. "necessary" for a wedding.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a task-oriented list-maker and there are no words to describe the pure joy I get from crossing things off my daily/weekly/hourly lists. (In fact, OKAY FINE, I admit I sometimes write things down that I've already done...just so I can cross them off. GUILTY.)


Words also cannot describe the immeasurable panic that zaps my inside to jelly when I see this breakdown:


Are you kidding me?! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!

We're two-thirds of the way done with our engagement...and I thought I was doing so well!

This, my friends, is not acceptable. Now please excuse me as I give myself heart palpitations from excessive coffee drinking and seriously test the ergonomics of this keyboard.

In other (fair and balanced) news, here's a nugget. Discuss amongst yourselves.


An excerpt from an email I just opened:

"Don't stress about things too much and enjoy all this planning - the bottom line is to give God the glory for overseeing this journey together for you and Adam! The day will be grand! Love, Mom."

And that, my friends, is called saying just the right thing at just the right time. :)


Brian S said...

What are mom's for? But she's right. Enjoy it. Because (knock on wood) you'll only be able to do this once...

karlie nicole mann. said...

okay i total hear you. the knot checklist is STRESS MANIA. I ignore mine.

kk said...

I miss you.

(And I write things on my to-do list so I can check them off too)

Rebecca said...

I totally loved the Knot's checklist for the first few months, such pride when I checked a few off. But the excitement definitely fizzled.

Sara said...

Brian--you are so sweeeeet...except for the knock on wood. haha.

Karlie--I KNOW! I think I am going to UNsubscribe.

Knoth--I miss YOU!!!! (and I should have known...bff!)

Rebecca--seeeeriously! And not only fizzled...but is replaced with the big hairy STRESS MONSTER! :)

nettierox said...

um yea i gave up on the knot a long time ago. just ignore it, and everything will come together fine (this coming from the girl that is running all over the free world trying to find envelope sticker/labels/seals things--but--don't follow my lead)

Terri said...

Just so you know. I laugh out loud at work, in front of my co-workers, when I ready your blog. Love it!

P.S. What's with the weird words all these websites make you type out before you sign your life away for verification. I mean really....hammendi!? What is that?

Sara said...

Lynette--haha. I know what you mean! Except OH WAIT...WE DON'T HAVE INVITATIONS (yet). But YOU will...and all snazzed up after Friday! Woohoo!!!

Terri--yessss! haha don't you hate when you try to hold the laugh in and then you snort or something? I mean...what? :) p.s. Let's take a moment to remember Mr. Crosson and his ridiculous Teen Topics please.