And now, I unwrap my frigid hands from my third cup of green tea to say:


Note: For anyone who thinks I am actually celebrating or even worse, CELEBRATING YOURSELF, this is me SQUIRTING DE-ICER IN YOUR EYE.


The thing is, as much as I DEPLORE winter...and deplore I do, because I am my father's daughter and as the seasons start to change we cannot help but stomp around in ten layers of flannel and fluffy socks and remind the world that our FEET. ARE. COLD. AGAIN. And bitterly scoff at the doe-eyed innocents who rejoice at the prospect of MORE FROZEN WHITE ICICLES OF DEATH returning. Bah. Humbug...

Still, there was a moment last night after stuffing myself with delicious gas station BBQ (yes, you read right) that left me utterly speechless.

Because my friend Sarah--you know, the one who got married this summer in Nicaragua and let us come visit and is completely amazing and lives in constant service to others--she is visiting the States with her sweet Nicaraguan husband.

And we're sitting there, all of us, with bellies full of yummy deliciousness and Sarah says:

"So, Moises, he has been loving this winter weather!"

Moises. Her Nicaraguan husband. Who has never seen snow before. Who flew with Sarah for his first trip Stateside into Chicago. In early December. Without a winter coat. Who has been met with nothing but BLIZZARD LIKE CONDITIONS EVER SINCE.

He really...loves it?!

Well, crap. Now I feel like a real fuss bucket.


P.S. If you are stuck inside and are in the mood for some Internet perusing, take a gander at this (I am personally quite a fan of #21).


luke said...


poor adam...


lauren said...

I love it. You crack me up. And I did find myself enjoying shoveling last week. Bizarre, but true.

Sara said...

Luke, you have no idea. Wait, I mean...haha.

Lauren, SO IMPRESSED! I must confess my amount of shoveling has so far been zilch. And I'll try to ignore the enjoying part because you're too nice to squirt with de-icer. :)

Sarah said...

hahah! not a fuss bucket, just not hot blooded. i, too, strongly dislike winter, and am thoroughly enjoying the sunshine here.

miss you gal.