I'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but when I get into something, I get really into it.

If you don't believe me, bring up this, this or this in my presence and I guarantee an ALL CAPS response.

While my devotion can at times become--what's the word? oh yes--OBSESSIVE, I am not one to jump on just any trend train (see my overall disinterest in this, this and this--and yes, I realize that confession just ruined some friendships).

At any rate, this quality is certainly not new.

Many years ago, pre-Scranton and even pre-DiCaprio, I spent many a day curled up on the couch pouring over pages full of my favorite group of friends and their adventures in Stoneybrook, CT (it's not a real place, I checked...and even tried to call the number on the back of the books once...OH LIKE YOU NEVER WONDERED!).

I laughed with them. I cried with them. I changed my handwriting to be more like my favorite one. I even co-founded a local chapter to have a club just like theirs (with other REAL PEOPLE thankyouverymuch).

I could go on, but I'd like to keep what's left of my pride, so instead I leave you simply with this.


--And also to say, ummm, Ann M. Martin, if you're reading this, I still have your signed picture tucked safely behind my yet-to-be-returned fan letter to Leo.


Stacey McGill err, I mean Sara


Michelle said...

Oh, I so guessed correctly that you were a Stacey. I was more of a Kristy, although not quite so tomboyish. I use to have a bookshelf that went around a whole wall of my bedroom that was lined with Little Sisters, the series, the mysteries, the Supers, the memento books, the vacation letters books, the board game, the videos... every once in a while I have to sing "Say hello to your friends, BabySitters Club, say hello to the people who care..." just to rejoice in the nostalgia.

Michelle said...

Oh, and if anyone was a Claudia, or think you remember a lot from the books, this quiz is a fun time:


kimberly said...

there are so many reasons why we are friends. let's be better ones.

you are my elementary school idol. I TOTALLY wanted to start a BSC but didn't have anyone who would do it with me. I copied them anyways--I had kits, wooden spoon puppets--you name it.

Josh said...

oh QT..I do believe I have some incriminating photos that involved white powered pastries and one hilarious BC!!!! haha RECUERDO!?

Sarah said...

i also loved the babysitter club! and was secretly wishing to be stacey as well...and totally have the series from 1 to 151somthing. and those special ones that were double the length? ugh, the best. remember the one where it was a blizzard and they got stuck in the dance hall? oh, so good.

Sara said...

Michelle--I should have known you too would share this obsession! Wanna watch the movie soon? I have Netflix...haha. OH and Breanna was TOTALLY CLAUDIA (which worked great b/c we were the bff cofounders).

Kim--you made me snort with laughter when I read that. WOODEN SPOON PUPPETS?!?! hahahahahha. That's pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Josh--Whatever do you mean? p.s. POST THEM AND I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. Ahem.

Sarah--YES! The SuperSpecials were by FAR the best!!! And YES I so remember the blizzard! In fact, it became a secret dream of mine. hahaha.

lauren said...

Oh my gosh, just reading all these comments is making me so nostalgic! I loved the BSC and ESPECIALLY the SuperSpecials!!! I wasn't enterprising enough to actually want to take care of kids like they did, though. Just read and daydream. REMEMBER MARY ANNE AND LOGAN?!?! I just remembered that!!!

Sara said...

hahahaha DO I REMEMBER THEM?! Um, duh. I was also constantly intruiged by diabetes (is that weird?) because of Stacey and forever convinced I was stricken with mono (poor Mallory!). :)

nettierox said...

OMG i loved the BSC. i was obsessed. i am pretty sur ei owned all the books, and i would go tot he book store and read them for HOURS sitting on a little shelf in the back corner of the store!!! did you ever watch the movies? they were KINDA lame but at the time AMAZING!!!

Sara said...

Ummm absolutely YES I did!!! The BSC (Topeka edition) co-founder had her birthday party arranged around the premiere of the BSC movie. Starring Alex Mack. hahaha. Ohhh the memories...