Hypothetically speaking, of course...

You know how sometimes you really need to do something, but you don't want to do that something?

And I mean, you really really don't want to do that something?

And so then you don't do that something and then you feel guilty about it and then you know that the guilt and that annoying thing called Conscience (who just.won't.leave.you.ALONE) simply solidifies the fact that you need to do that something.

But then you still don't do it.

Because you really really don't want to.

And then someone tells you that they really think you should do that something and you get mad at that someone because HELLO I KNOW I NEED TO DO THAT SOMETHING BUT I DON'T WANT TO AND MY NOT WANTING TO MAKES ME KNOW I NEED TO DO IT EVEN MORE AND THE LAST THING I NEED IS SOMEONE TELLING ME TO DO SOMETHING I SHOULD DO--DON'T YOU EVEN CARE?!?!

And then, instead of just sucking it up and doing that something...you just find yourself eating Dove dark chocolate and locking your keys in your car and ENDING ALL YOUR SENTENCES IN QUESTIONS?

You know???


lauren said...

Oh yes. I'm familiar with that.

Josh said...

Happened to me today..i was eating some melted chocolate next to a crazy person on the bus. LOVE MY LIFE!!! lol

Sara said...

Whew. Thanks friends...it would have really been a bummer if no one said yes.

And Josh, the problem is I feel like I AM THE CRAZY PERSON! haha.

Also, I love that it was melted chocolate. hahaha. That is why we're friends.

Sarah said...

yep, definitely been there...best way is like getting into cold water...just dive on in.