Oh WOW! ...Oh GEE!...It's the OGs!

YOU GUYS! Can we talk about how unbelievably adorable these two are?!

Exhibit A:


This coming from a girl who cannot HELP but sigh a little sigh anytime an old couple pops into view (except on occasion when I am stuck behind them in traffic...but that's another story).

But okay, NOT ONLY are they old and cute and still in love after 72 years (Harry is 98 and Barbara, 93) BUT ALSO they have a blog called the OGs (Original Grandparents) where they offer advice and hilarious anecdotes and even comment on Lady Gaga now and then (thanks to their granddaughters, who man the camera)!

Enough chatter. WATCH THEM! NOW! You will not be disappointed.

(And if you are, you do not have a soul.)


Cutie (Barbara) on marriage:

Adam, get ready for this someday (although of course, we all know that YOU are the one that will bust a move):

Learn more (NPR feature story).


lauren said...

I love this post already, but I have yet to give it its due time-wise...

BUT I just found this blog story and thought you'd like it!!

Sara said...

YES! Thank you for sharing friend! How adorable. And what an inspirational woman!