These are the days.

These are the days
of the Fresh and New--
A yawn and a stretch and
morning-breath I love yous.

These are the days
of Discoveries--
You do what?!s and
You're hot/I'm cold

and you squeeze toothpaste FROM THE MIDDLE?!!?!??

These are the days
of Simplicity--
Bare, green walls
and one-course meals
and we don't care because it is ours.

These are the days
of Someday Dreams.
What ifs and What nows
And well, we're not sure
(but still willing to try).

These are the days
of Joyous Thanksgiving
For Lord, we have much
Now please, teach us to give.

And one day, these days
will be yesterdays.
And you'll say Remember when?
And I will, with a smile.


Kelsie said...

I just thought you should know that you are amazing and I LOVE reading your blog!

Sara said...

Thanks friend! I love YOU! Come over! Bring Knoth!