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kimberly said...

I just bought a bag of those reeces. YES!
and I got back this week after a whole entire week in the promised land. and I'll be back in a few days. it was SO GOOD for me and my soul.

Sarah said...

i'm thankful for YOU! for steadying comments and future letters and sweet celebrations (yay 3 months!!) and heart sisters. enjoy the promised land....i MISS those wide open spaces

Sara said...

Kim--JEALOUS!!! A whole week!? Oh the envy...we couldn't partake in Call Hall which broke my heart a bit (closed on the weekends AND no longer served at Dara=whaaaa?!?!) AND I called off our walk around City Park due to some serious sun beating on our backs after a campus tour sooooooo I mean I could go back tomorrow and be overjoyed. LOVE IT!

Sarah--Love ya girl. Just think, one year ago...:)