Yuk, yuk, yuk.

In high school, my best friend and I would love to sit in a public place, pick out a person and begin making up their life story.

The best one was in a train station on the way to Chicago (Spring Break 07!) when we spotted a handsome middle-aged man with dark hair flopping over his forehead as he tossed a worn satchel into the seat next to him.

We immediately deemed him Pierre and proceeded to tell his vibrant story complete with his profession (rich-people-dog-breeder! Why?! JUST BECAUSE!), his status (single. duh. with a broken heart from his longtime girlfriend who died of a mysterious fungal disease the week before their wedding day! GASP!) and his reason for travel (en route to deliver his brother from the evil clutches of corporate boredom intermixed with an addiction to an all-night marathon of watching Wheel of Fortune and eating Cheetos).

Our dreams were dashed in one fell swoop when our friend had the nerve--the nerve!--to actually approach Pierre and discovered that in fact, his name was Charlie and he was a schoolteacher on his way to visit his parents.


Annnnyway, the point is I can totally relate to this article and maybe it's because I work in an office or maybe it's because of my aforementioned Pierre past (and perhaps an overactive imagination but whatever), but I read this and loved it and just had to share.

(via here and here)

So read it, friends, on this blase Tuesday afternoon.

And then, as my husband would say, "Yuk it up."

(And if you can say that phrase with a straight face, you get a million points because I cannot help but immediately dissolve into giggles and the occasional unexpected snort.)

((It's almost as funny as my mom propping her feet up at the end of a long day and saying her "dogs are barking."))



Em said...

Yesss....Good times! I love it.

I still to this day, believe that Pierre is his real name. Do you think our Business Calc's staring girl was trying be a Janis?

P.S. I love your mom's sayings.

Brian S said...

hahahah O MY STARS!!!

Sara said...

Emily-ha! CALC girl!!! OMG most assuredly YES! ...and Donald Adongo! Tiniest waist EVER!

B-ri--ohhh yes. You know.