You know how everyone who has a garden gets all weird and obsessive and proud-parent-ish about their little plot of land?


One of the first things Adam wanted to do once we were hitched was start a garden.

While I was busy fighting the DMV for a name change, Adam took it upon himself to build a cute (I mean...MANLY!) garden box and plant away! Neither of us had any gardening experience, but thanks to a book (thanks Jenny!) and a bit of perseverance, we (um...really he) just went for it.

And I am so glad he did.

It's been quite the adventure. Pesky squirrels and hungry bugs attacked. Storms raged. The sun's rays beat mercilessly down.

But our little plants? OH, THEY PREVAILED!

Wanna see? SO GLAD YOU ASKED!--

Garden box


Spice rack filled with goodies (mostly) from the garden.

Oh, and friends, we have jalepenos. LOTS of jalepenos.
(...uhh...any good recipes?! please share!)

Today, we picked our first (red) fruit! Wahoo!
(it's the shy one on the right)
Who knew one little tomato could cause so much excitement?

My favorite part, hands down, has been seeing Adam outside, day after sweaty day, making sure his garden is getting the care it needs.

And what a fitting metaphor this humble garden has been for our first season as The Robertsons.

...Garden-themed party, anyone?!


Sarah said...

i know a really good southwestern chicken soup recipe that calls for jalapenos...and it's not too spicy. plus there's always homemade salsa!!

Sara said...

Friend! I would love the recipe! And you KNOW that salsa wouldn't last a day in our house!!! :) Love you!