Weekended: Shoulder shrug.

Because it can't all be roses.

So sometimes you just have to focus on how good the cookies were and shut your eyes to the kitchen mess (and how many said cookies disappeared into your mouth just.like.that!).

Or how great it was to connect and forget the blue-stained white shorts that scream laundry misfortune.

Or how much you love your one year old bff (claiming that title. Oh yes I am!) and pretend like peanut butter and jelly was not on the menu for dinner. And lunch again today.

But it's a new day. And the sun is out! And I started a new book!

And I've only managed to break something once.

So...Happy Monday?

photo cred. (I'm gonna need at least two of those...)


Katie said...

Miss you friend!

Also just started reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and I recommend it next. I am only half way through it, but so far it's been a pretty quick read. And my grandma loves it so that's a good sign!

Sarah said...

:) are the shorts because you left adam unattended at the washing machine? sorry friend hahah

Sara said...

Katie--YES! I have heard good things about it...and if your grandma loves it, I AM SOLD! haha. Thanks friend! And miss you too!!!

Sarah--unfortunately I shoulder all of the blame for this catastrophe. Let's just say I'm not exactly queen of all things domestic...and that public washers totally suck! haha. (p.s. You would have been a million times worth it even IF that had been the case!) :)