Weekended: laaaaaaid back.

It was a weekend filled with summer-relishing--loose schedules, short to-do lists and a lingering lunch with Grandma (direct quote, "What I want to know is who plays football outside in this heat? Now that's just plain stupid.")

Also, thrift store perusing, Indian-food making and my first heart-wrenching viewing of this.

Oh, and I read this. In just a smidge more than 24 hours. LOVED IT! Haven't lost myself in a book like that in a loooooong time. Highly recommend.

Happy Monday friends!


kk said...

I read this book for a class this past semester! Also read it in a day...but that was because I forgot about the assignment to read it until the night before. oops!

The Delimonts said...

I love that movie! One of my faves.

lauren said...

Sounds lovely! I just might pick up that book...

Sara said...

Knoth--It's a quick read...lucky for you. ;)

Terri--I know! I can't believe I had never seen it before! Looove Netflix. haha.

Lauren--I own it! Wanna borrow it? I swear I can (eventually) deliver on such a promise...;)