1. That my husband is really nice about me learning the art of the domestic--even when it includes flat cookies and washing clothes...with FABRIC SOFTENER (drat drat DRAT!!!). Maybe I made up for it with Boston Cream Pie cupcakes? Eh?

2. That I saw the girl from the laundromat last night at liquor store (don't judge me!). And she was wearing the same things she wore this weekend. When she washed her clothes. Thus, I'm pretty sure it was an outfit re-wear. And this made me smile secretly to myself and think we should so be friends.

3. The idea of being crafty but can't quite muster up the gumption to make it a reality.

4. That I get to talk to someone about wedding planning and say "It will be awesome! It will all come together! Don't worry about it!" and totally mean it...and totally NOT be jealous to not be her. (I know double negative police. Get over it.)

5. This in theory...but who could honestly fall asleep while swaying so high WITHOUT RAILINGS? Plus, there would be bugs.

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lauren said...

Wow! Maybe if the bed was more concave, like a hammock, I could do it?

The Boston Cream cupcakes sound like enough to make up for anything!! Who says you're not crafty?!

Katie said...

Sara just because you cannot make a construction paper Christmas countdown chain properly does not mean you are not crafty!

rachel rianne said...

i love you sarashell-now-rob

Sara said...

Lauren--Girrrrl, I cannot compare to your craftiness. But I thank you for saying that and I would love to take notes from you sometime. :)


Rachel--Friend! I love you!!! I would love to hear about your life nowadays. I was cleaning out my mailbox and found all our old emails. It made me happy. :)