On DMV and growing things.

I am leaving work early to go to the DMV and try to convince the world I AM FREAKING MARRIED GET OVER IT AND LET ME CHANGE MY NAME!

(aka fill out more paperwork and wait a long time for a pimple faced kid to stop texting and take my new DMV picture.*)

((...and probably lie about my weight. Again. Oh, JUST LET ME HAVE MY COLLEGE WAISTLINE AT LEAST ON PAPER, OKAY!?))


But you really shouldn't feel sorry for me because that husband of mine planted a garden this weekend.

In a cute little box he MADE HIMSELF.

With literally NO help for me except a bunch of excitement.
Which is probably worth something but not all that much when you are digging into soil.
...and for the record, it's not because I am not supportive...just totally uninformed.
And also, distracted by washing all our Tupperware.
--annnnnnd this is why my brother calls me old, boring, and married.

OH, and did I mention Adam cleans the bathroom???


*This might seem unfair...except that is exactly what happened last time. SERIOUSLY.


Sarah said...

haha love it

kk said...

this made me laugh out loud more than once.
i love you!

Sarah said...

Just found your blog (from your comment on mine)! You have such a gift with writing!! haha...I love this post! Hope you enjoy your fresh garden goodies this summer. :)

lauren said...

Capitalizing an exclamation about bathroom cleaning does NOT translate as boring!!

Brian S said...

ha ha..annnnnd i rest my case.

Sara said...


Knoth--as did your SHEEP COSTUME (?!)

Sarah--awesome! I LOVE reading about your African adventure! So exciting!!!

Lauren--THIS IS WHY WE'RE FRIENDS!!! (reason #485)

Bri--Remember whose couch your little head will be on AS YOU SLEEP...muwahahaha. Also, you're tall.