Me: Hey, Adam, will you do me a favor?

Adam: Sure.

Me: Can you add shower gel to our grocery list?

Adam: Okay. (picks up pencil and and reaches for snazzy pre-printed grocery list on fridge)

Me: Oh!...but not on a new piece of paper.

Adam: (quizzical look)

Me: It's just, I've already started a list on the back of last week's sheet of paper. We were all about conserving paper in my family...I know it's weird.

Adam: No, that makes sense...

Me: Yeah?

Adam: Yeah...especially coming from someone who uses TEN Post-Its A DAY.

Me: (mouth dropped open in shock) I think we're done here.

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Sarah said...

hahahhaha welcome to marriage as a mirror. love it.

lauren said...

hahahaha...love it. zing!

Sara said...

He got me good. :)