As you can imagine, our budget took quite a hit this year (in the very best way and I wouldn't change a thing so I am not complaining!).

The point is, there will be no big Robertson vacation this summer.

Which is okay because helloooooooooo KC is a hot spot of fun and local faves.

Like _________.

Quick! Tell me where I ABSOLUTELY MUST GO IN KC!

(Bonus points if it is a fun date spot.)

Example: If we were talking Santa Barbara, I would obviously say GO HERE NOW! Unfortunately, the closest one to me is Colorado. (sigh)

And oookay fine since it isn't really fair to ask you without answering myself, this is probably mine:

Your turn!


kimberly said...

the pool in gardner is only six bucks, and they have a LAZY RIVER. with free tubes. it's my kind of place.

lauren said...

We might have talked about this...MAYBE...

Can't recommend it highly enough!

Chrissy said...

I.LOVE.YOGURTLAND!!!! Those type of diy frozen yogurt sundae stores are all over ca suddenly and I love it! :) So, I google mapped it and there appears to be a similar place in Lawrence (Yummy's over the top frozen yogurt). I can't really vogue for it, but we should totally check it out, hang out, and catch up sometime soon!!!

Sara said...

Kim--that is awesome!!!

Lauren--hmm...sounds familiar...;)

Chrissy--HeLLO! And YES PLEASE! That is the best news ever!!!! (Adam and I have talked about opening one here! haha)