Q: How do you make people love you or hate you/improve or worsen your situation/generally make office workers LOSE.THEIR.MINDS?!

A: Change something.

...but instead of talking about how perfectly normal human beings turn into total jerks in a conference room
how totally embarrassing it is to be the ONE person the itty bitty gnat keeps buzzing around during said meeting which means a lot of silly swatting while trying to both maintain dignity as well as ascertain if anyone else is SEEING this pest (?!?!??!)...

Let's focus instead on this little ditty that made me lose it (in a good way).

Photo, caption and credit from here.

The vertiginous wallpaper and painfully obtuse cabinetry left visitors more gassy than when they entered.

(Photo: Hertha Hernaus; Dwell)

Finally, on a completely unrelated note, I just want to say booyah.
(See what a little name change will do for your recognition?)

Carry on.

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