...how in the world do you cook with eggplant?! (and how in the world did I become someone even asking that question?!)

...everyone should go see this movie (Bayar was the Robertson favorite, but don't let that sway you).


...cancer sucks and seems to affect the most beautiful people.

...that I was just a happenstance away from arriving at dinner and a movie with a smushed dark chocolate on my rump. AND IT DID NOT LOOK LIKE CHOCOLATE!!! (Thank goodness for husbands and for forgetting gift cards. Whew.)


lauren h. said...

I just made some yummy lettuce wraps with eggplant last night! Delicious.

lauren said...

I do want to see that movie...they look so sweet.
I have a vegetarian cookbook that has some eggplant recipes...let's bust it open!

Sara said...

Lauren H--That DOES sound delicious! I have never ventured there...but maybe I will get up the gumption and go for it! It was surprisingly easy to work with (but overall a rather odd vegetable I think...is it even a vegetable?! Sigh. So much to know!) :)

Lauren B--You WOULD! Let's DO!!! And you would love it. (I mean not quite as awesome as Young at Heart in my opinion...but that is hard to top!)

rachel rianne said...

bayar was SO CUTE
and omg how hilarious (but crazy!) was his older brother!
the scene with him and the cat on a leash is PRICELESS.

sara, don't go having a baby now bc of the movie.
on the way home from seeing the movie,
i saw a bumper sticker that said,
"6 billion miracles is ENOUGH."

...gotta have a little bit of the other side of the spectrum to promote family planning.

Sara said...

HAHA! That was a gold star comment.
Ummm I KNOW. The brother was so ridiculous! ALSO can we talk about the little girl's temper tantrum with the blocks?! FAVORITE SCENE!

And girrrrrl don't you worry. I have enough babies (of friends!) around me these days to give me a fix when I need one...;)