I follow quite a few blogs these days, and one that is continually catching my eye is this.

I realize that in part, it is due to my marketing background.

But Seth Godin brings a fresh perspective that inspires me to think critically about the choices I make and often, challenges me to step outside my comfort zone--something I think everyone can appreciate.

Plus, he's into publishing free ebooks, which is pretty refreshing considering he is a successful guy who could instead use it to rake in some more dough.

Further, he is described as a "bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change." Which, in my opinion, is a pretty impressive tagline.

Anyway, I liked what he had to say today about possibility, so I thought I'd share.

(I realize he is specifically talking about the Internet...which I think is an interesting view of the Web that can often seem so destructive to society.

But mostly, I liked what he had to say in light of dreaming in general.)

[Emphasis mine.]


From here.

All you need to know...

is that it's possible.

Mike sent me a great story about an ultra-lightweight backpacker:

"Wolf was carrying a super-small pack which weighed 14 pounds including food and water. When asked how he got his pack weight so low, Wolf would reply, 'All you need to know is that it’s possible.'"

One of the under-reported stories of the internet is this: it constantly reports on what's possible. Somewhere in the world, someone is doing something that you decided couldn't be done. By calling your bluff and by pointing out the possibilities, this reporting of possibility changes everything.

You can view this as a horrible burden, one that raises the bar and eliminates any sinecure of comfort and hiding you can find, or you can embrace it as a chance to stretch.

Most organizations forget to ask the question in the first place.

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