And we said Amen.

And so we sat on the hard wooden pews and wiped tears from our eyes and struggled to Believe.

And asked why? and how? and why not? and where are You?!

And tears came and hands were squeezed and we tried to smile trembly smiles and pretend to be brave for them. But our aching hearts gave us away.

And then he began to speak.

And when he said, "It is not supposed to be this way," his voice caught and we all felt that truth deep in our bones--but we felt it together and somehow Comfort trickled in that space and filled in the cracks of sadness.

And he kept going.

"It is not supposed to be this way," he said again, a little stronger this time and he continued firmly, resolutely, pleading yet believing, "...but this is not the end of the Story."

And he said that is the Truth.

And we clung to His words.

And we said Amen.


Katie said...

This brought a tear to my eye. Wish I could have been there, too.

Sara said...

Me too, friend.