O! What a city.

Okay, who here knew that Omaha was awesome and WHY had no one told me?!

I'll let my pictures do the talking...in case some of you are doubters.

First, really awesome food:
The sign speaks the truth.
$3.50. One patty. TRUE STORY!

Second, a really fun zoo! (not pictured: BATS and other crazy nocturnal animals from "Kingdom of the Night." Also missing is my fave, the gorilla.) Let's just say we were there until it closed.
The desert dome.
Third, a really fun area called Old Market that is walker-friendly and quirky enough to keep you guessing. (not pictured: our awesome Indian food, bakery goodies, brewery lunch, etc. etc. etc.)
The art museum.
Fourth, and the absolute best, escaping the craziness of life with this guy:

Road trips are the best.

Thanks for everything, Omaha! Hope to see you again soon!


The Delimonts said...

This makes me really want go to there! You'll have to give me tips on what to do and where to go if Austin agrees to go.

Sara said...

OKAY! We are seriously the biggest fans! haha...kind of random, I know. But deal! We also loved our hotel--I even wrote about how awesome it was on TripAdvisor. I know...who does that?! Love you!!!

lauren said...

Haha! Rather than escaping the craziness, it looks like Adam was getting tangled up in it. And it was blue. I'm glad you had such a good time!!

Sara said...

hahaha I know! He may hate pictures...but he takes way more fun ones than me! :)