I said a hip hop...

It's Monday.

You stayed up too late last night eating ice cream and watching that TV show that took America by storm (which you resisted when, you know, it was actually COOL, then totally fell victim to its addictive quality once it went off air...FINALE TONIGHT! OMG!).

You've already had two Lindt chocolate truffles. (Holy.CRAP. YOU try eating just one...I dare you!).

But hey, whatever. It's Monday so the name of the game is merely survival.

And with that, I would like to beg you to please please please watch this video if you haven't already. (I would embed but the stupid link is broken.)

Hi-lar-i-ous. (my fave is JT's Snoop impersonation...feel free to share yours.)

And if that doesn't make your Monday a little brighter then I don't know what will.



lauren said...

HA!!! I liked Jimmy's circle-dancing during JT's "ma-ee-a-hee!" I disliked the memories of myself as a teenager thinking I was cool.

Sara said...

Lauren--I know!!! A hilarious trip down memory lane for sure. haha.