Fine line.

(minute one)
It had me at hel-LO sequins and cream-colored coziness!

(minute one and one-half)
Why yes I will try you on, you six dollar steal-of-a-deal!

(minute seven...in the dressing room)
Oh no you DON'T have SHOULDER PADS!?!?!?!?!?!?!

(minute 15...in line to check out)
 ...maybe I can take them out and pretend I'm uh, resourceful?

(minute 16...in line to check out)
...I mean, this is cute, right?

(minute 16.5...in line to check out)
...or is it ultra-hipster?

(minute 17...in line to check out)
...what is ultra-hipster anyway?

(minute 17.25...in line to check out)
Answer: Mass Street. Crap. They made fun of my scarf.

(minute 17.75...in line to check out)
...or maybe this is just weird and outdated?

(minute 18...in line to check out)
...does this mean I'm losing my edge and will start wearing MOM JEANS?!

(minute 18.5...in line to check out)
Oh please no. No. NO! It's fine! It's cute! I like it, I'm getting it, PERIOD.

(minute 20...to the checkout girl)
You like it? You really like it?! You think I can remove them without ruining it and my own shaky confidence?! REALLY?! LET'S BE BEST FRIENDS!

((I need a vacation.))


The Delimonts said...

I must see this article of clothing!

Kelsie said...

you are amazing and hilarious. I'm going to start recommending your blog to people that don't know you. Its THAT good!

Sara said...

Terri--haha I know! The risk in this confession is now everyone will be eyeing my winter wardrobe thinking "Is THAT the weirdo sweater??" (and by everyone, I mean all 10 readers. haha)

Kelsie--youuuu are too kind! Miss you!

Sarah said...

this is too fun. i can just see you, tapping your foot nervously, fighting the temptation to dash back to the rack nonchalantly, which in the end would be super awkward, so you stay in line. :) love you sister

Sara said...

ha! Sarah...um...pretty much nailed it. SHOCKER! :)