• Watching season one of this forever fave (Ross is the best. Obviously.)...and eagerly anticipating this to arrive at our doorstep.

  • Reading this  (shout out to Lauren for such a great recommendation!) and this...and basically just wanting to be this girl all day:

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  • Feeling a bit more connected to this space, this season, this community, this life as I know it right here, right now. And it is nice. Not perfect, but oh-so-welcome to get a bit of peace.
  • Looking for a rhythm and while we still clang and clunk along a bit, knowing at the end of the day, when we say "See you at home!" we mean our home. Where we are about to have our first Christmas.* And I don't care if I am sickeningly sentimental, I think little ol' 2W will always hold a special place in my heart. (Unless we get mice. Which we did at work. And now I can't wear open toed shoes without freaking out. But it's cold now so I wouldn't anyway. Whew.)

  • Wondering what the crap I was thinking when I agreed to do this. In six days. OMG! (I blame sibling rivalry.)

*but not too soon. Please! I'm not ready for holiday mania quite yet...give me a few peppermint mochas and then we can talk.

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