Iron sharpening iron.

He says: Shoot! I forgot my vitamins.
And she smiles to herself.
She says: I'm finally going to do it.
And he celebrates beside her.
He says: Let's update the budget.
She braces herself (but is thankful).
She says: It's from our favorite thrift store!
He can't believe she has one (but loves it).

He says: Let's go there one day.
She adds it to her list.
She watches historical documentaries.
He watches Friends.
She realizes she does like nutmeg (sometimes).
He pretends to like burnt cookies.
She cries: It's not supposed to be like this.
He holds her hand.
He says: I can't do it.
She says: You can!
And so it goes.
And on and on.
And layers peel off.
And skin thickens.
And bruises appear.
And heal.
And scars form, even.

And we keep going.
And it is good.


The Delimonts said...

Love you friend!

lauren said...

Love this. Love you.

Sara said...

Thanks friends! You are the best. (I really mean that...even though when people say "I really mean that" they often don't. BUT I DO!)