To-do (on my much anticipated day off):

  • Get one of these
  • Sip one of these slowly
  • Use my new nail polish!
  • Write in my forlorn and ashamedly dusty journal
  • Curl up on the couch with one of these books
  • Bake something tasty
  • Finish that craft I started...months ago
  • Write a letter 
  • Send a fun package
  • Go for a stroll
  • Watch something girly that would make Adam roll his eyes
  • Most importantly: Give myself permission to shred this virtual list and spend the whole day doing nothing or something else...just because I can. 
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    Sarah said...

    LOVE this list...and am waiting for december 4th to start mine! until then, Jesus help me haha.

    hugs girl, looking forward to the 14th!! and good luck this sunday :)

    Sara said...

    So fun chatting. We'll GET to do it again soon because...OH YES WE DID! :)

    Love ya.

    p.s. You so deserve to do everything on your list. And then some.