These are the moments.

She shivered and drew the blankets around her closer.

Looking so small. So vulnerable. So unlike her.

But then she'd quip with a sparkle in her eye and I'd let my breath out a little.

And we chatted. About this and that, the now and the then (I sure do miss him she said and my eyes immediately filled).

And I sat there and told myself soak this up, soak this moment up, every last drop because time is precious, I am realizing more and more, and it is ever slipping by.

And we'd fall silent sometimes, me searching for things to say, and sometimes fumbling a bit, wanting this moment to be Meaningful, Special, Profound.

And just when I'd stopped trying, just said oh just let it be what it will be, she said out of the blue:

"No," (because sometimes she'll start like that, as if continuing a conversation you started last visit)--

"No, I am not usually one to judge people," and I smiled quizzically, brow furrowed, trying to follow.

"I'm not one to judge, but the first time I saw him," and I scrambled in my head and thought who is he?

But she continued, "...the very first time, right off the bat, I saw you together and I thought, 'Now this is the man for Sara.'"

And she sat back and nodded, words spent, and I said a quiet, "Yes he is," and stored it in my deepest of deep to draw upon my whole life long.


lauren said...

Will you please write a book? Because I would read it to find beauty and solace. Which is why I came to your blog tonight. And I'm not leaving disappointed. :)

Sara said...

That is the best compliment. Seriously. Thank you. (And I will keep you posted...when the time comes.) :)