A Good Man is Hard to Find

"So you and Adam are married now, right?" he shouted above the music.

"Yeah!" I said smiling, tucking my elbows in from the bustling crowd and turning slightly, my white wine wiggling in its fancy glass.

"That's awesome. So were you guys, like, a thing in college?"

"No," I said, remembering, "...just b-f-fs."

"Oh, you were b-f-fs?" he said, without a trace of sarcasm, although I was sure it was lurking beneath the surface.

"Yeah!" I said.

"Cool," he said.

And then, "You know, I never knew your man all that well," he said, stepping in a bit, "but I always thought he was awesome."

I smiled, then suppressed a giggle as Adam himself walked up to hear, "Yeah, I mean, Adam is just such a solid guy, you know?"

And as he turned and saw Adam standing there, he laughed a little sheepishly then continued, "Hey man, I just remember you always reading and watching you with everyone in the coffee shop and I don't know, it's so rare to see someone and think that guy has character. But I always thought that."

He turned to me as Adam's face turned red and said, "Anyway, congratulations. You got a good one."

And as he disappeared into the crowd I squeezed Adam's arm and thought yeah, I know.

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