Winter is not my favorite season (UNDERSTATEMENT) and though my husband may object, I really have been trying to squelch my tendency to complain about the weather nonstop from November-March.

I mean, sometimes it really does just slip out because seriously, no one can possibly enjoy a temperature that makes you clench your insides so tight your ribs are touching just to brave the walk to the car, during which your damp hair freezes and your body falls to helpless convulsions while crying, screaming, pleading for spring.

--Okay, so it's a work in progress.

Anyway, last week I was finally able to participate in what becomes the teacher battle cry all around the world in these Midwest winter months and makes the winter a bit more bearable and perhaps even a blip of joy-yes, in some bizarre twist of fate, I got not one but TWO snow days.

My husband, a teacher, has enjoyed four of these glorious days and while I enjoy celebrating his good fortune, it really was wearing to watch him dance with glee as I bundled up for my horrendous walk outside, knowing my husband would get a day of coziness as I begrudgingly toiled and slaved...and walked uphill BOTH WAYS!

So imagine my surprise! My delight! My GLEE when I got that first beautiful, beautiful text at 5:00 a.m. saying "Due to the weather, we are closed for the day."

Closed. Closed?! CLOSED?!

Oh happy day! Oh happy, happy, wonderful day and glittering, gorgeous snow and I love everyone and everything and the world is all SO RIGHT! AMEN!

And I dart into the bedroom, where my sleeping husband lie dreaming snow day dreams and squealed, "SNOW DAY! I GET A SNOW DAY! ME! I GET A SNOOOOOW DAAAAAAAAY!"

And he mumbled, "That's awesome."

And before I knew it, the very next words tumbled out of my mouth, in a helpless horror of TOTALLY UN-SNOW DAY TALK which should be limited to fresh-baked cookies and sweatpants and books and movie marathons...and NOT:

"I think we need more toilet paper. Also, we are out of stamps and rent it due."


Austin & Terri said...

Love marriage and the mundane. Who knew that when our romances were budding that one day we would be talking about stamps and toilet paper with the loves of our life. Not me, but I love it!

Sara said...

Terri--SERIOUSLY! It is hilarious. Slash sometimes mortifying. But mostly awesome. haha.