Things you never, ever want to hear while at the beauty salon. EVER.

All said by the consultant. Because my life is awesome.

1. Sorry I'm late! Had to finish waxing my lip! Whoeee that'll getcha!
2. (while stirring the wax that is about to be applied TO YOUR FACE) Hmm...this is weird!
3. I'm confused...
4. Let's switch chairs. Whoever is in charge of this station is, like, SERIOUSLY slacking on sanitation today!
5. Yeah, you'll need to get up. I mean, usually, I can move the chair while the person stays sitting but...yeah, you need to get up.
6. (to another consultant) I'm doing this right...right?

Don't worry, I still have both eyebrows.

...and newly-grayed hair.


Katie said...

I seriously hope you did not tip her!

kimberly said...

oh my goodness. oh. my. goodness.

Austin & Terri said...

BAHAHA! Miss you. I need some Sara time.

Sara said...

Katie--Um...I still did. I KNOW! Totally ridiculous. I didn't even tell anyone! Just this passive aggressive blog...that'll show her...?


Terri--Ummmm done and done! :)