Things I'm not going to tell you:

1. How many episodes of Ugly Betty I've watched this week
2. How many of these brownies I had on my sick day (went with 1/2 c cocoa...and did not regret it)
**edit: Adam highly suggests a bit of Nutella on top of the brownie. I fully support this idea.**
3. The last time I cooked dinner, cleaned the bathtub or cut my hair
4. How often I wish all my favorite people lived within walking distance
5. How very blessed I feel living the life I do with the man I have beside me (scrapes, bruises and all)*

*lest you puke.

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Sarah said...

i totally just said "moi! we have to do these RIGHT NOW...(cus we are baking homemade pizza) and then was really bummed when I realized I didn't have butter....but so soon I will make them :) hugs friend

Sara said...

Oh girl, you will love them. :) Wish I could share my pan with you! (slash, make us a new pan because ours is nearly GONE! haha)