In one month, my husband and I will be here.

We will be staying at an orphanage, visiting hospitals and generally diving into the lives of anyone who will let us.

(Sidenote: we are traveling with fifteen high-schoolers and staying overnight in an airport. Let's call it an adventure and move on.)

While we've known about this opportunity for awhile, it wasn't until last week that it began to sink in for me that this is really happening.

As with all foreign travel, I have a mix of nerves and excitement, but mostly excitement.* First time to stamp my new passport! First time traveling abroad with my husband! WARM WEATHER!

(Yes, I will be sweaty and blistered and probably sleep-deprived but again, ADVENTURE!)

I'm not usually one to give things up, even for Lent, but for some reason, my thought pattern yesterday went a little something like this:

I drink too much caffeine (SHOCKER)//I don't like that about myself//I should stop drinking pop nearly every day//I need something to motivate myself//oh hey! I'm going to the DR soon//I am seriously worried about getting caffeine headaches on said trip//That will make me fussy.//That is stupid.//I should give up pop in preparation for the DR!

So there it is. Instead of getting a fussy wife for a week in another country, my dear husband gets a fussy wife for one month leading up to the trip! EVERYBODY WINS!!!

It's semi-lame to make this public but also, I need accountability. So friends, keep me accountable!

Also, please note that I did not say I am giving up coffee soooooo LOOPHOLE!

Finally, if you are interested in supporting our travels (and live in Kansas City), we are collecting a few items for donation to our friends upon our arrival.

Those items are:
  • Black shoes for school (new or gently used, all sizes)
  • Vitamins
  • $30 baggage fee donation (the airfare for one suitcase full of supplies)
You can donate now through March 12.

p.s. Am I a fussy person? ...don't answer that.

*I know this is soooo 90's but I can't help immediately remembering that part in Armageddon when Owen Wilson is getting strapped into the rocket and says:
"Great, I got that "excited/scared" feeling. Like 98% excited, 2% scared. Or maybe it's more - It could be two - it could be 98% scared, 2% excited but that's what makes it so intense, it's so - confused. I can't really figure it out."


Austin & Terri said...

I love you friend. And that is exciting about going to the Dominican Republic. For a second I thought when you said "DR" you meant "doctor", which would I guess also be a good reason to give up caffeine. Ha! We may be due for another Sara/Jenny/Terri date soon.

Sara said...

haha...I keep saying "DR" and expecting everyone to understand. Whoops.

And, YES! Let's do it!!! Hit me with some times that work.

Katie said...

Can I just say that when I read this I thought, "mmm a soda sounds good right now!" Guess it's a good thing I am not nearby to enable you!

lauren said...

Brave soul!! You're not fussy. :) I don't drink pop and I can't really handle caffeine, so if you need to hang out with someone boring...call me up!

lauren h. said...


Also, I feel fussy most of the time.
It's okay.

Sara said...

KATIE! You would!!!! :)

Lauren--not boring! Um hello adventurous walk partner...?!

Lauren--Whew. Thanks friend! :)

Sarah said...

girl, do not even worry. in this part of the world, we enjoy 3 liter bottles of soda...just ask for a coca!! (and you can even get diet....coca light!)

and i seriously think you consider making a desvio (can't remember the word in english right now) to nicaragua!!!

Sara said...

Sarah--I totally remember coca light from my Nica travels!!! I just figured I shouldn't assume the orphanage will have ample supplies of caffeine...and also, sometimes it's good to restrict yourself (or so I hear...I never do it and have wanted to cheat daily! haha.)

And I would LOVE to make a desvio! Would you have room for a party of 20? :)