And it's learning to live in the in-between:

Dreams and fears.
Messy and clean.
Order and chaos.
Joy and sorrow.

For there are hands to hold and tears to wipe away
Sunshine and lighthearted laughs.
Friends and funerals.
Road trips and routine.
Babies and bad news.

And some days end with
How does everyone else seem to do it so much better?

But lately, embracing that hey, it's you and me
And what we've been given
And we're all just doing the best we can.


Austin & Terri said...

People don't do it better, they just pretend they are until you aren't looking :)

Sara said...

Thanks friend.

(They do a good job.) :)

kimberly said...

oh man. reminding me of one of my favorite cds/bands of all time. it's hard to find (here) but you can hear my favorite song here. love it.

Sara said...

Thanks for sharing Kim! Awesome! :)