"I was thinking, I mean, I am interested in...I would really like to..." I stammered and flushed a deep red and my rushing words came to a screeching halt as sirens went off between my ears.

Everyone waited, expectantly.

"Well, it's just that..."

(Deep breath. Anxiety. Discomfort. Could I? Should I? Deep breath.)

"...but I'm not really sure I'm qualified," I said in a hurry, breathless, desperate to let it tumble out before I bit my tongue.

And after all was said and done, despite my inarticulate mumbling, furiously blushing cheeks, prefaced prefaces and many, many pauses...would you believe that nobody laughed?(!)

Not a single person. In fact, they were smiling and nodding and the one response was a simple, much-needed, direct, authoritative, "Sara. If you're here, you are qualified."


rachel rianne said...

...uhh more info please??
what's happening?!
it sounds exciting!

Austin & Terri said...

Say whaaaa!?

Sara said...

Thanks friends! Nothing really definite, just some changes possibly brewing. I'll keep you posted if things get serious. :)

jenny said...

You are such a tease!

Sara said...

Jenny--ha! p.s. 47!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!