By the thought of that chocolate pie I have waiting for me (uh, I mean us) at home.

The one I made because dinner was a flop*, I couldn't plant flowers after all, and well, my pride needed a little boost. (Seriously, can we talk about how it feels like a personal attack from The World and All That Is In It when you have cupcakes burning in your oven?! So rude.)

...Annnd, I'm sorry, did I just say something about cooking AND gardening in the same sentence?!

I am growing up so fast.

Oooh! Also! There's this!

(It's the little things.)

*Note: I was the one who deemed dinner a flop. Adam was too nice to say so. What a keeper. ...except, he did make me chill the pie like the recipe instructed which was sooooooooooooo unnecessary because it meant waiting a whole day before digging in. (Okay fine. It was absolutely necessary. But also torture.) Am I still talking about a pie?! Yeesh.

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